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10 Attack On Titan Characters Who Changed The Most

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular manga series known for its complex yet engaging plot and overall development. The cruel world of Attack of Titan forces the characters to go beyond their capabilities and overcome their shortcomings. Thus, the character overall develops for the better.

While character development is a major part of the story, it is not necessary that every character progresses in a positive way. There are different ways people react to their trauma. While it helped some to become stronger, it did push away some of them to a darker path.

NOTE: This article represents the author’s personal views only. There is a spoiler warning for fans who haven’t caught up with the manga yet.

10 Attack on Titan Characters With Most Development

1) Gabi Braun

Her name might come as for anime fans, but manga fans would agree that she is one of the best-written characters in the Attack on Titan series. She initially received some hatred from fans due to her spoiled-brat like attitude. This hatred grew when she shot one of the most beloved Attack on Titan characters, Sasha Blouse. She used to be hot-headed and arrogant with a selfish attitude.

However, after Gabi spends her time with the people of Paradis Island and witnesses their struggles, she becomes more matured. She understands that her hatred for the people of Paradis Island was not at all justified. They were the same as her. She becomes a more calm and responsible person by the end of the series.

2) Eren Yeager

Eren helplessly watched his mother die at the hands of the titans. This fueled a ever-growing hatred within him. His only goal was the extermination of every titan on earth no matter how difficult his goal seemed. He joined the scouts regiment and worked hard to achieve his goal.

However, after discovering the truth about the titans at Shiganshina District, he became more reserved. His goals no longer inclined with his comrades which led him into wiping out more than half of world’s population. He became from the aspiring hero to the ultimate antagonist of the series.

3) Jean Kirstein

When introduced in the series, Jean had a very timid personality. Instead of joining the scouts, he considered joining the Military Police Regiment so that he could live and easy and safe life. He put his safety first, before considering the lives of his teammates.

However, tough times changed him for good. He emerged as a capable leader during the beginning of the Marleyan war arc. He became better at analyzing situations and making the appropriate decisions befitting a team commander.

4) Grisha Jeager

Grisha had an unlikable personality before he came to Paradis Island. He was a terrible father to Zeke, trying to force his ideology upon his son. He often behaved harshly to his family members. When he led the restorationists, he completely ignored his family and their safety, putting them in huge danger. This ultimately led to Dina Fritz’s transformation into a pure titan and his exile.

However, while in Paradis Isalnd, he became more caring towards his family. He put their safety first before his own goals, due to which he did not steal the Founding Titan for years even after finding its location. Moreover, he was regretful of his behavior with Zeke when they met within his memories.

5) Levi Ackerman

Levi did not have a memorable childhood. He lost his mother at a young age, and was in very poor condition. He was all on his own where everyday was a fight for survival. Due to his harsh circumstances he became more like a ruthless thug, who did care much about others.

However, at the survey corps he came across people who influenced him and changed him. He met people whom he cared about. He put together his strength to help people and became humanity’s strongest soldier.

6) Armin Arlert

Armin had a timid personality when he was introduced in the series. He wasn’t able to take a stand for himself, and often relied on his friends, Eren and Mikasa when in trouble. Moreover, he did not have a strong reason to join the scout regiments. He only did that because of his friends.

However, as the story progressed, the series showed the better side of him. Armin’s intelligence became his biggest weapon. He devised many strategies that proved to be a great asset to the scout regiment. He was able to make harsh decisions at times of need, and even put himself in danger to save his friends. The sense of responsibility towards his comrades eliminated his nativity.

7) Floch Forster

Floch probably had no idea how cruel the world outside the wall could be when he joined the scouts regiment. Though, he was a bit cowardly he was brave enough a stand up for his comrades. After he learns that Marleyans are the ones truly responsible for truly responsible for his people’s deaths, his anger intensified.

He believed that exterminating the Marleyans was the only way to save his people. He even went against his own comrades because of that. There was no time for him to act cowardly anymore. He followed Eren’s ideology until the end.

8) Zeke Yeager

Zeke was introduced as the series’ most mysterious titan, the beast titan. At first it seemed that he was another Marleyan warrior sent to Paradis Island to elimiminate eldians. Moreover he was responsible was deaths of hundreds of scouts regiment soldiers.

However, when Zeke’s past came to light it was revealed that the Marleyans were his true enemy. He had to sacrifice his own people to get closer to his goal. Whatever he did was was the betterment of his own people.

9) Mikasa Ackerman

Many fans agree that Miakasa did not get decent character development up until the final arc. Ever since, Eren saved her for the two kidnappers, protecting Eren becaming her only goal. She was loyal to him even when she knew that the path he chose was wrong.

However, in the final arc, she finally accepts that Eren is not coming back to how he was before. The only way to stop his mayhem was to put him down. With the help of her friends, she was finally able to stop Eren and save what remained of the world.

10) Reiner Braun

Reiner and Bertholdt’s revelation as the armored titan and the colossal titan respectively, were shocking for both the survey corps and the fans. He along with Bertholdt was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people. This sparked a bit of hate among fans for the character.

However, the Marleyan war arc showed his side of the stroy. He never wanted to do any of that. He did so that he could bring a better life to the eldians living in Liberio. However, the guilt of his actions caused him serious mental problems. Fans became more sympathetic towards Reiner. Morever, he helped his friends from Paradis Island stop Eren’s Rumbling.