Death Note

How Light Yagami Would Have Been Without Death Note

Light Yagami is considered one of the best anime protagonists/Anti-Hero of all time. He is also one of the smartest anime characters, who used his wits to achieve his purposes. He was efficiently able to utilize Death Note to get closer to his goal while fooling the Kire Task Force for years.

However, Death Note heavily influenced his life. Though he initially had somewhat of a noble cause, he slowly became a psychopath serial killer from a bright high school student with extraordinary intelligence. However, one question always comes up about how his life would have turned out if he had never picked up the Death Note.

NOTE: This article represents the author’s personal views only.

How Death Note Influenced Light Yagami

To get a better look at Light Yagami’s life without Death Note, it is better to first take a look at how his life was when he had possession of the Death Note. Moreover, it will serve as a quick recap of the story as well.

Light saw a mysterious book falling from the sky one day. He came towards the book and picked it up, out of curiosity. It was the first time he came across the Death Note. After going through the book, he learned that the book claims to have mysterious supernatural abilities. However, he initially remained ignorant. Later, he decides to test the book’s ability, and actually kills two people through in the process.

Though initially devastated, he later decides to use Death Note to create a world free of crime. He started killing major criminals using Death Note, while emerging as the enigmatic entity, Kira. However, over time, he develops a God complex, and becomes arrogant. Getting rid of crime and criminals was no longer his main goal, as he became more focused on keeping his identity a secret. He killed anyone who threatened his real identity, even many of the Police force members.

He did not even hesitate to think of killing his family members to save himself. As he struggled from his arrogance, over the course of time he made mistakes that made it more obvious that has was the Kira. During a last struggle to save himself, one of his colleagues shoots and heavily injures him. Ryuk writes Light’s name in his Death Note, and thus, he meets a tragic end.

Light Yagami’s Life Without Death Note

Light Yagami’s Studies, Career & His Relationship With L

Light Yagami could have had a much better life if he never had the Death Note. Even though Light was a bit arrogant, he was a smart and diligent student. He would have continued to excel in his studies. Even if he did not have the Death Note, he had a strong sense of justice. So it is highly possible that he would have chosen to become a police officer like his father. He would have attended the same college as he did in the original story.

L chooses the same college as Light only to get closer to him as he was a major suspect of being Kira. But this time he will not become Kira. So there is a possibility that the two of them will never meet during their college days.

Death Note Light Yagami  L

Light would have finally qualified his studies and become a police officer as he became one in the original story. However, this time would have gone against crime within the boundaries of the law. There is a possibility that at some point, Light and L might cross their path given their field of work.

Light Yagami & Misa Amane

Death Note Light Yagami

It is highly possible that Misa would not have crossed paths with Light. In the original story, Misa meets Light only because he was Kira. Also, there is a high probability that she would not have become the second kira even if she had the Death Note. It is because, unlike Light, Misa did not have a strong sense of justice. She only became the second Kira to support Light. For some reason, even if she decides to become Kira, it will only be a matter of time before she is caught by Light or L.

Light Yagami’s Family & Personal Life

Light Yagami’s family would have been happy and safe. His father would have been alive, and his sister would not have been traumatized, as Death Note was the ultimate cause of both incidents. He would have continued to fight crime, but this time not as a psychopath killer, but as a respected police officer.


Though, the above is only speculation made on the basis of the facts from the original story, it is a given that Light Yagami’s life would not have drifted to a darker path.