Oshi No Ko

Love Is War & Oshi No Ko Take Place In Same Universe

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War and Oshi No Ko are two of the most loved manga series. Aka Akasaka illustrated Love is War while Mengo Yokoyari illustrated Oshi No Ko. Love is War manga has entered its final, and is about to come to an end soon. However, Oshi No Ko is still going on with about 90 chapters already released.

Many fans who have read both the manga series, on a few occasions might have wondered if the two stories had some kind of connection. The author did give vague hints once or twice indicating a connection between these two series. But it wasn’t enough to reach a conclusion. However, the recent chapter in Oshi No Ko, Chapter 90.1 clearly confirms that the two stories take place in the same universe.

NOTE: There is a spoiler warning for fans who haven’t caught up with Oshi No Ko manga yet.

The Connection Between Love Is War & Oshi No Ko

In the recent chapter it is confirmed that both of the stories exist in the same universe. According to the recent chapter, Oshi No Ko is an indirect sequel to Kaguya-Sama: Love is War. The story of Oshi No Ko takes place after the events of Love is War.

Chapter 90.1

Chapter 90.1 is a special chapter of Oshi No Ko. In this chapter, an adult Kaguya Shinomiya makes her full appearance for the first time. In the original Love is War manga, fans can see Kaguya taking pictures on a few occasions with her camera. Thus, hinting that she might pursue photography as a career. The recent chapter confirms that she was successful in becoming a professional phototgrapher.

Brief Explanation of Chapter 90.1

Ai Hoshino receives a copy of the magazine she will be appearing in as a thank you gift. She shows the magazine to her friend and talks about her experience from her recent photoshoot. While going through the photographs in the magazine, he notices that she is wearing the same outfit recently as the one she wore during the photoshoot.

When asked about it, she tells that this outfit was suggested by her stylist and she feels confident while wearing the outfit. She also tells that she enjoyed the photoshoot admiring the photographer. She tells how the photographer helped her to remain calm during the photoshoot while telling various anecdotes from her school days.

Oshi No Ko

When her friend asks about the photographer’s name, Ai searches the magazine which features her name at the bottom of the page. As it turns out, this photographer is none other than Kaguya Shinomiya, who has now become a professional photographer. Moreover, her name was written as Kaguya Shirogane instead of Kaguya Shinomiya.


Both manga, Kaguya-Sama: Love is War and Oshi No Ko are two of the most popular series. After the recent chapter, it can be expected that the author might release more special chapters featuring characters from Love is War. So, there is a possibility that fans will be able to enjoy more chapters like this in the future.